• COMING SOON: The Factory That Makes Devils
    Original horror shorts

    Synopsis:  A collection of original works by AD's own artistic director Rory Leahy.  Andrew Lumnos has conquered death, or so he claims.  Two young people flee from an unseen horror in the woods, but one of them has a secret that will change their relationship forever.  A woman faces her own mortality and asks, if you had the power to change your fate, what price would you pay?  And a small town unites to hunt a monster, only to learn that perhaps there are worse things than what lurks in the shadows.  All this and more...with jokes!

    The Apollo Studio
    2540 N. Lincoln Ave.
    Fridays and Saturdays May 25th - June 9th

    $15 For tickets call (773) 935-6100 or visit ApolloChicago.com

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