• Monks


      Bad poetry, good sex, and severe academic misconduct.  Professor Samantha Stafford - bitter, brilliant, foxy - just wants to write a brilliant book on Shakespeare. But one of her students is madly in love with her, her publicist wants her to do something more commerical, and she is persistently haunted by an entity claiming to be the ghost of Christopher Marlowe.  Meanwhile, Jack Hooper, the university's most rugged and studly librarian, has lost a prized manuscript to a mysterious thief. Can Stafford prove her innocence, clear her mind, finish her book and keep her pantsuit on?  Find out in this sassy, smart, and unforgettable farce.

    The Irrelevant Adventures of Jarvis McFadden

    Jarvis McFadden is an aimless young man living in the sleepy, affluent suburb of North Glenville. He has forsaken college to care for his widowed mother and his eccentric siblings. One fateful night, when his friends are menaced by two bullies at a house party gone wrong, he discovers his destiny: to become a tough, hard-boiled private detective, seeking justice in a cruel and indifferent world.  He dons a trenchcoat and a fedora and hits the streets of North Glenville, determined to cleanse them of crime, violence and corruption. If only he can find some.

  • Monks

    Monks in Trouble

    Our first show ever!  In a remote monastary in the middle of nowhere, the world is disappearing one piece at a time.  There are only five men can stop it: a philosopher, a cynic, an artist, a failed restauranteur, and a would-be messiah.  It is up to them to solve the mystery.  But in order to do it, they'll have to confront their past, their motives, and their concept of God himself.